glassing ideas?

Well, I just got done glassing my second board with marginal results. I have searched through the archives and found some great info, thanks. I was wondering if it is necessary to fill in the bottom lap with more laminating resin before you hot coat it. As per JC’s glassing 101 they fill in the bottom lam with more resin when they are glassing on the fins. I have done this on my first two boards and it leaves about an 8th of an inch step on the edge that has to be sanded down even with the bottom of the board. Is this normal or can you skip this step and go straight to the hot coat and achieve the same results. Also any additional improvements to the video would be great. It seems that there would be less resin build up if you cut your laps and taped off the rail line when hot coating the bottom and the top. Thanks in advance for the info Surfdogz

when you do your hot coat for the deck…just brush some resin under the rails to the bottom. just make sure it’s sanded before you hot coat the bottom.