glassing opinions

I’m making a 6’2" semi fish for a guy who is about 170 lbs. Should I put 4 oz bottom and 4x4 on the deck? I was thinking to go a bit heavier on the glass. I also think he needs a bigger board but he is set on a 6’2". Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Maybe double 4oz top & bottom, for something light and a little more durable than single 4. I tend to like the heavier glass, but most would not want anything higher than 6oz on a board that size.

I always sneak in a third layer of 4 oz as a stomp patch(approx 12-16"),I ask where the customer does the most damage(on the deck) to their board and put it there for no charge. On a 6’2" with superblue foam you don’t want a bunch of 6oz weight on it, it will bog it down some!!!

Howzit Sylvia, I’ve had good results using 6oz on the bottom and dbl 4oz on the deck for big guys boards. For a stronger deck make sure you let the deck cure for at least 24 hrs. before hotcoating it. The 6oz bottom makes a difference in durablity and won’t add that much weight. Aloha, Kokua

I think 4 X 4 with a 4 oz deck patch will work well. If you think he needs a bigger board but he’d too dumb to know better, make him a 6’4" but tell him it’s 6’2". Write 6’2" on the dimensions and he’ll be happy. Or just make it thicker and wider and lie to him about that too. Once he rides it, he won’t care about some arbitrary number.

Thnaks to all. I like that idea Lobster [smile]