Glassing over spray paint

Hi, If anyone could help me w/a glassing question I would appreciate it. I am putting a broken 9’6" back together and I am going to glass the whole bottom. My question is, can I spray paint the board before I glass over it? I am worried the resin may erode the paint or react badly. Also, if I glass over the spray paint will that weaken the bond of the new glass? ThanksThanks!!!

spray with acrylic paint using a spray gun. just don’t get it on too thick. a lot of spray paints don’t like polyester resin on them. another option would be to glass it then spray over the sanded repair then gloss.

you should do okay with just about any water-thinned paint. I’ve used Liquitex but it’s expensive; common tempera paints will do as well. Don’t lay it on too thick. Some paints will produce a “crystal” effect along a painted stinger and the cause of this is open to debate. Some options, are to tape off and not paint the stringer, or to seal it with Future (haven’t used this, but it may work) and to make sure the stringer and board are real dry before you lam (use a heat gun to drive out moisture). Some colors bleed, in my limited experience yellow is likely; you can seal the painted foam with spray can clear (don’t get it on the glass where you’ll decrease adhesion). Others may chime in about Future acrylic floor wax.

Thanks guys, that helps allot. The only thing is I will pay attention to the kind of paint I am using, however I was hoping to use the .88 cent a can stuff I bought at Wal-Mart. (It happens to be yellow Whoops!!) Thanks again for the info, this chat board is awsome!!!

speaking of 88 cent paint at walmart. they sell cheap craft paint acrylics. less than a dollar for a couple ounces, which, when thinned, will cover the bottom of the typical shortboard.

and some of the colors are glow in the dark! night surfing!

I almost got the flourescents!!! I was going to try yellow w/a orange to red fade swoosh like one of Tom Carroll’s old boards. But back to reality, I’m just learning and I was afraid of a giant toxic goo on the repair racks the next morning! I was also contemplating some metal flake like a bass boat, but maybe next time! Think I’m going to go with glassing it, sanding, painting, then trying a gloss coat over the paint.

Instead of painting try thining it and wiping it on. This way it will not go on thick, I just recycled a board and painted the whole bottom where there were lot’s of flaws showing and wiped it on with a good paper towel and it covered it smoothly and it glossed over fine. It was wal-mart craft paint (apple -barrel brand red and apricot) which works good if it’s on thin.Too thick and it crystallizes.You 'll probably have to do 2 coats in places. But it worked and I was just experimenting.