Glassing Questions - My first board.


First, thanks to Swaylocks for all the info etc. I have been reading without posting for a while and have learned much to guide me on my first board attempt. I is/will be a 6-2 fish with wood fins.

Unfortunately, one can never learn enough by reading alone. Hence my questions-

Background- I shaped the board with sand paper and hand planes etc. Then with the board shaped, my plan was to make the fins then lam. What happened was I realized that the #$^&in’ thing dings real easy. So, I laminated it last night while the Sox lost to protect it from more dings. Now I have to make the fins over the next few nights.

Question - Should I hot coat it before making the fins, or is it ok to cover it and wait 3-5 days before I hot coat it so I can install fins before hotcoat?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

wait to do your hotcoat. you want to attach the fins before the hotcoat and then hotcoat, gloss the fins while you are hotcoating/glossing the board

Howzit Projeholic, You can hot coat the deck, that will give you some protection while you work on the fins. Aloha,Kokua

I don’t like to leave a laminated/unhotcoated board sitting around for too long. The tacky resin tends to accumulate all kinds of fingerprints and foreign objects–foamdust, flies…one time I found an entire ham sandwich jammed in there about where the hard edge started in the tail. Not pretty.

Howzit retro, Putting fins on after the board is hot coated can be a plus since if the fin is snapped off it shouldn't take any glass with it. The fin might snap off a little easier than usual but there won't be as much damage. Just make sure you sand the area where the fins go before putting them on. Aloha,Kokua