Glassing Rack Tape

I use the tape sticky side out method on my glassing T’s to hold the board in place while glassing. Is there a tip/alternate method to avoid air sprayed color from lifting off?

My first air spray you can see the 2 white spots about 18" down from the nose, UV hot coat baking in the sun

Most glassers just have the tape sticky side down. One thing I’ve seen done is to use small 2x2x1/2 inch pieces of foam rubber on top the sticky side up tape on your racks as barrier. The foam rubber will keep your board from sliding around while youre squeegeing away.

A small strip of wax paper over the tape??? That’s what I do with my resin tints…Never airbrushed though. Killer airbrush by the way, good colors and very clean!

ahhh yesss that’s what I couldn’t remember, the little carpet pad squares. thanks

and thanks ten-o

owzit Bud, I use those foam strips ( cut about 1 1/2" long) that goes around air conditioners for sealing gaps. Just put the cut foam strips on the tape and no paint comes off.Aloha,Kokua

hey, and I have some of that ac foam insulation stuff right in my garage! Oh well

mahalo Kokua (& Herb) for your offline help, as you can see, I sanded off the initial screw up :slight_smile:

I use the foam rubber shelf liner you can get at Wally world or other department stores/grocery stores when I glass the bottom. I tape over it to glass the deck. The stuff works great, no slide. Just don’t forget to cover it when you flip your board cause it’ll leave little foam beads in your glass (removable, but a PTA).

It looks like this, use white.