Glassing room lighting

Im trying to figure out a better way to light my glassing room. Its 7x15 feet and my glass jobs are coming out okay except sometimes i get little dry spots that i miss. Seems that i can only see them at a certain angle usually from the opposite side of the board so i usually miss them. Their barely noticeable but if you look closely you can see them. I have a flourecent light directly above and a small portable one below for my laps. Is there a better way to light the room to see those little trouble spots?

Hey I used to use two florescents about head high, on either side of the board placed around the widepoint of the board. Almost like for shaping, but I move it higher for that. Never used lighting below the board, as I flip the laps up to saturate, and when I flip them down, I just squeegee them up tight, going over if the resin stays fluid.

half the lights in my glassing room have been out for the last 6 boards…a couple o’voids?.. I tried two new bulbs…they didnt work…? maybe next week …maybe next board…ambrose…I’m such a hick

Jason, I had the same problem, but noticed that I didn’t discover the dry spots until I looked at the board with 500 watt construction lights at about head high. As in woodworking, it must be that lighting directly overhead washes out surface defects. It seems to me that you need light hitting the project at an angle. Good luck. Here’s to that Perfect Board. Doug

Howzit Ambrose, I thought you did everything outside. Aloha, Kokua

nope not when it rains and glassing in the outside is …dicey…shaping in the dark outside is a fine art like surfing the bowl after dark without a leash and swimming after the lost board ,finding it and paddling out for one more…ambrose…laughing in the dark is the training…clear boards glow in starlight