Glassing Schedule Advice - stepup and minigun

Planning to build a couple boards this summer to get ready for next winter…

Plan to use USBlanks 6’7"P to make a 6’6" stepup and the 7’8"EA to make a 7’6" minigun. I want the 6’6" to surf similar to my usual 6’0" (red foam and 4+4 / 4 glassing) but with more paddle power. The 7’6" will be for larger reefs (sometimes top-to-bottom) that may have some texture.

On the 6’6", I am thinking:
Red foam and 6+4 deck and either 6 or 4+4 bottom.

On the 7’6", I am thinking of doing either the same glass schedule but using blue foam or use red foam and add a layer of 4oz on both sides.

Looking for thoughts and input. I will be using RR epoxy.

Is blue denser than red?  I have a couple daily drivers with red, and resin research, and they’re holding up really well. I tried the classic density and it felt too heavy, but can’t recall if I’ve used blue.  

Your glassing schedule sounds good, I like mine with a bit more glass than most, so I do 6 + 4 plus deck patch, but 6+4 deck and 4+4 bottom, (or 6 with tail patch), sounds plenty good.

I think heavier is good for winter boards.  Hard off shore wind.  South wind cross chop from approaching winter storms.  Maintains momentum once you hop up and start driving it. Maintains momentum when you’re paddling trying to get into the long interval swells.  I’d go 6-6-6 on the 7-6.  Plus, you’re getting to old for those light weight ‘kids’ boards… Mike

Huck, blue is stock density. Red is one shade lighter.

Mike, I am leaning towards heavier on the 7’6"… May go 444 deck and 64 bottom

Chrisp - with your choice of resin I would go blue on both blanks, 4+4 deck and 6 bottom on the 6’6"  and 6+4 deck, 6 oz. bottom on the 7’6". They will be a little heavier but will hold up a lot better - you may even want to put a little patch under your front foot on the 6’6". Just my take. I’ve made a lot of 7’ semi-guns with 4+4 decks and they all dented to hell because of the extra force from turns on more powerful waves.

How much do you weight PatrickFreen?


After reading some in the archives, I am leaning towards:

64 top and bottom for the 7’6"

64 top and 44 bottom on the 6’6"


Somebody mentioned S glass… I hadn’t even considered that

I wonder if I could go 44 S glass on the deck of the 6’6"?


150 lbs. Years ago Clark experimented and found higher density blanks gave more strength than heavier glass jobs, ounce for ounce… I wouldn’t do double layer bottoms - stay close to what the industry standards have become - it’s all been worked out. S cloth is good mixed with a layer of another type as it’s stiff - good on the deck. I stay with my earlier suggestions - also try to talk to a local experienced glasser - good luck.



Thanks for your input

I would do both boards with 6 ounce bottom and 6x4 deck. I would like to do both boards with blue foam.


My supplier stocks short board blanks in red and orange, and longer blanks in blue. A custom blank takes 1-2 weeks…

So… by defalt if you ordered those boards from me the smaller one wolud be red… and the longer one blue. Or wait 2 weeks for a blank.

Resin Research is much easier to work with when you use 6 ounce E cloth. But thats a whole new debate.



IMO with standard density PU

6’6" –> deck = 6E with 6S full deck patch. bottom = 6E with 4S tail patch

7’6" –> deck = 6E with 6S full deck patch + 4S middle 1/3 of board cut with diamond ends.  bottom = 6E + full 4S patch

It’s fun to think about.