Glassing smell control

Does anyone know if there is some type of filtration system or any tricks to minimize resin smell so I dont piss off my neighbors everytime I glass in my garage?

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

I used to have niebors down wind

I would aske them when they would be out and then glass

they were cool people and were only concerned when their grand daughter was over ,, so I would allways check with them before glassing with poly

carbon filters

using uv cure resin helps alot


Epoxy makes it a non issue.  

Epoxy makes odor a non issue but epoxy on PU foam has problems from what builders have been saying here on sways

Don’t believe everything you hear. :slight_smile: -Carl 

Epoxy on PU is no problem and I would wonder who said it was?   UV is easy,quick and although not completly odorless;  close enough.


Thanks all for the input, very helpfull and greatly appreciated.

You could bury your house in charcoal?

a big pile of dead fish (or seal) next to your shop , down wind

your nieghbors wont complain about the resin smell

A filtration system could be used… cost around $150-$200

Easily acquired on-line or in any grow store.

I’ve been using UV Cure in my shed with the door closed.  I doubt the neighbors get any smell from it and if they do its short lived and I’m done by the time they would notice.