Glassing space in LA area?

Hey, all. Curious if anyone in LA or the surrounding areas to the north or south has a space to glass in that they would consider renting out/letting someone use for a couple of boards here and there. My landlord finally brought down the hammer on me glossing in my garage.

Yeah, I know there are pro glossing shops around me, but I prefer to do it myself if possible.

If anyone has any suggestions shoot me a message. Thanks.

And yeah, it was supposed to be “Glassing space.” Auto correct strikes again…

Edit: ah. Found the edit function.

If you glass with epoxy and work indoors, no one would be the wiser. Just sayin’.

Good luck, it’s super hard to find anywhere in LA proper to work. If you’re (or anyone else) interested in sharing a space, PM me, I’m on the market. Inglewood, Burbank, Crenshaw, these are the best areas unless you want to go the whole Gardena route.

Yeah, I assume that any possibility would include a drive. It’s just not worth it for me to have a permanent space, as I’m doing max four boards a month. Usually just two. Although, if a couple people went in on a space it could be cheap.

I could go the epoxy route and just do it in my garage, but…meh. I don’t know.