My bud used to get his boards shaped and then he would glass them in his garden shed with the doors closed? Is that only his deal or is it a fun thing to do?

If he’s using polyester resin and gets off on the fumes, then maybe his idea of fun is a bit warped.

If he wears a mask and loves the creativity of making his own board, then he is having more fun than you can imagine.

When he’s catching a few waves on that same board he would be having much more fun.

i think its fun to glass a surfboard but if i was using poly resin and i was in that small of a space with the doors closed that would cross the line for me, especially if i wasnt wearing a respirator.

best thing about glassing your own boards is the money you save buy having it down by a shop, granted it might come out better then first few times but in the long run you will save way more cash.

Just maybe he glasses with doors closed to keep the bugs out, the winds from carrying dust particles, and to control the temp and humidity.

Prolly not, just likey the fumes.