i am gonna lam my 6 2 x 20 bonzer about how much resin will i need and how much cat and how do i put rice paper through my printer taping it to normal computer paper didn’t work o there are three layers of 4 oz glass on the deck and 2 on the bottom i know it will be heavy thats how i like my boards.

With the rice paper, cut it out so it fits flush with whaterver size papper your printer is using, then if you get some prit stick and run it around the edge of the papper and then glue your rice paper onto it. The only thing is you have to watch your printer when it goes to take the paper out of the tray, because the jolt can dislodge the rice paper.

Hope that helps.

helps for the logo part

Howzit rider, I never attach the rice paper to an another sheet and I have no printing problems. Your rice paper might be thick enough to run thru. Try a test, I print a lot of lams and if I had to attach them to another sheet of paper it would take eons to finish the run.Aloha,Kokua

thats true kokua, unfortuanetly for me at least my paper is to thin to run straight through the printer.

i have thought about using maybe some spray adhesive to make it stick, becasue there has been several times where i know i have spent the better part of 10 minutes trying to print out each lam.

thanks for the help with the lam how bout the resin amounts?

i use epoxy and i would go about 1 oz to 1.5 oz per foot per layer of glass on the board. if you use poly your going to need more then that.

Howzit turbo, What brand printer do you have? Oneula sent me some paper that is really thin and I was able to run it thru my Epson printer. Every once in a while the paper not go in to the printer right and clog but that was like 1 in every 20 sheets. I like the paper since it totally disappears when you lam, even over dark colors.Aloha,Kokua

we use a really really nice printer at my school some times and a regular old epson printer. neither one will run the rice paper by itself. i like the paper i got from michaels it was cheap and goes really clear after aplication.

its not to big of a hassle dealing with the taping the paper to the paper but i wish there was a better way.

what did the label say on that paper you got from michaels? i looked there, and found nothing.

i dunno wjhat the brand was i got there but it runs through the printer fine on it’s own probably will glass next weekend.

i dont have the wrapper for it anymore. but it was a white wraper with some redish writing all over it. its a big long tube by the way, i had a hard time finding it though.

i asked a helper lady and she helped me find it.

I’m assuming that you will be laminating all layers at once. Get 2 quarts each of lam and sanding resin. It will take just over a pint to lam each side, and just under a pint to hotcoat each side. Buy about 2 oz. of catalyst and mix it 2-1/2cc for each lam coat, and 5cc for each hotcoat (1 pint resin each side). If you’re new at glassing, you’ll need the extra resin to fix problems (i.e. laps, oversanding on hotcoats, etc). On printing rice paper, there is volumes in the archives on this.


make sure the leading edge and the sides are tight against the backing paper.

I started using that single line correction typing tape on all four edges with some success.

The best is to get a straight path printer like an old epson 800.

My HP 5100 fax/printer/scanner flips the paper 180 degrees through the print stream which wreaks havoc on the tape job and the print head on the inkjet moves back and forth catching any wrinkles or loose edges. Even then I got it to work pretty well.

Still got a bunch of paper (like the kind I sent Kokua to test out) left and I’m not sure what I’m gonna do. I was selling it for a small fee to help finance my vacuum balsa lam experiments as hardwood veneers and balsa are hard to come by here in Hawaii versus rice paper used for chinese calligraphy.

Let me know if your interested. If you’re willing to cough up some money to Swaylock(mike) to help keep his site alive I’m willing to toss you a packet in exchange. (80 sheets 13"x10" precut) $10-$15 or what ever you can spare for Mike’s great invention. I owe him big time for everything I’m still learning from everyone here…

One for Kokua and the rest…

how big of a laminate can you go?

I used a posterize option to blow up the cartoon surfer dude from the boneyard surf cartoon to put on one of my homedepot specials it’s 3x3 full sheets.

Do you not want so much rice under the glass?

Big lams mean big wrinkle problems. I’ve done 11 x 17 and that’s about the limit for me. Jim Phillips posted a while back that he did a full length one and the wrinkling was hell. I’ve seen some big ones that were printed on a cloth media, so this would be like doing a fabric inlay. My recommendation: Paint it on the hotcoat, glass over it with 4 oz, use a gloss-thin hotcoat.