What kind of plastic do you use when glassing? whats the hole name on it. can you make boat plastic that becomes yelowish when its dry whiter? Thanks. JOS

Hi Johan, clear polyester is what’s used with PU core boards. It’s made spcially clear for surfboard making and differ a bit from the boatmaker polyester resin. Some boatbuilder polyester resin also contain cobalt that make them blue, but the blue turn to green when you add hardener. All polyesters yellow over time, but surfboard resin is fomulated to yellow less. BHP polyester is a resonable clear resin as long as you don’t layer it too thick. I think it’s made/fomulated in Sweden. I use this for ding repair. Also NorPol have an extremly clear resin, it used to be made in Norway. Don’t know if you can get it tho, the local shop I got it from is history. If you can’t get a clear resin, you can always use epoxy even with a PU core. regards, Håvard

Johan, You can find BHP at Give them a call. regards, Håvard