I just got some of the glitter flakes that you mix into your resin. I plan on using them in a deck patch im doing for a board. Im going to do a  tinted deck patch with the glitter mixed in underneath my layers of 6 oz and 4 oz that will be on  top. My question is will you be able to see the glitter good through the tinted deck patch and a slightly tinted lam job? pictures would be great if anyone has any with the glitter lam. I’ve only seen it done a couple times, so im also wondering how the finished boards came out. thanks.

better to do your color first, then mix glitter with clear resin and do a ‘cheater coat’ with glitter resin over the color. then hot coat over that.

I’m thinking if i do it that way it might give it a pretty cool look, since the glitter will be on top of it all, it should pop alot more.

Go with what Grasshopper said it works best that way,I’ve done several that way and they come out great.

Less is better. Fine glitter not flakes. You won't see it in photos

Pour a small amount into your hand.....deep breath....and blow across your open hand......walk away......Seems to work best as the Epoxy lam is setting up .....before hot coat.......

Surfboards… Glitter… Water… Seabass?

If you use the really fine glitter, use WAY more than you think you will need. I have personally done them by sprinkling the glitter onto the foam deck and then rolling the cloth over and cutting the laps. Pour your resin evenly and modify your technique to cover all areas very lightly with the laminating resin. After all the cloth is covered work it as you normally would. This prevents the glitter from pulling underneath onto the bottom off the board. Mine was done with two 6oz layers of volan so it can be done with other glass schedules.