Gloss Coat for a Hot Coat?

As long as I don’t sand into the weave, shouldn’t it work just fine? Save some weight too.


Liki, Gloss resin is very different than sanding resin. In theory, you’re right. But sanding resin is like the faithful old horse in the barn that you’ve had around a long time, and no matter what the weather is like or how hard the work is, you can always count on him to get on out and do his work.

Gloss resin is like a tempermental racehorse. Cantankerous, flighty, doesn’t want to work if the weather is less than ideal. Always willing to give you a headache. And generally just a pain in the butt.

But it looks good when it’s done right, and it gets a lot of the glory.

The purpose of sanding resin is to fill the weave texturing from the lam coat, to allow fine tuning of edges, and to generally smooth out the board. Gloss resin goes on thinner, and is for scratch-filling and polishing. It’s just a different animal. Doug

Basically, a real gloss/finishing resin won’t fill the weave, so you sand it if you even touch it lightly. It’s waay thinner, runs out, needs to be brushed thin or it slabs off.