gloss coat - never done it and have ?s

Basically since I’ve never done it, and the archives seem to hit mostly on the finer points, my questions are the basic ones: How fine to sand the hoat coat? How much gloss coat to apply? Apply with the same brushes I use to hot coat? Sand? If so to what grit? (I’ve got a bunch of 600 on hand would that work?) Sorry for taking up space with basics and Thanks!

Sand hot coat to 150. Maybe 220. Gloss the same way you hot coat. As far as amouts go you will use a little less than the amount you hotcoat with. The gloss resin is a little thinner in viscosity. Gloss resin is basically the same as hot coat resin only with additional styrene in it. Some even add parafin as well. I use a finer brush to apply the gloss. I use a 4 inch disposable that has good hair to it. You can use a regular 4 or 5 inch brush but they are a bitch to clean. As far as sanding, You really need a high speed sander / polisher. Orbital won’t work. I start with 400, then 600, then I switch to a wool buffing pad and 3M heavy duty rubbing compound, then 3M micro finishing compound. Then i switch to a fine buffing bonnet and finish it off with 3M marine fiberglass wax. Do this and it will come out like morror glass. Drew

thanks drew…exactly the info i was looking for

1, sand hotcoat with 60 grit, machine on the deck and bottom, lightly machine (soft pad) on the rails, then hand sand the rails using the power pad with the used 60 grit. Last, wet sand all over with 220, though this is only necessary if you’ll do resin pinlines. 2, Clean the board of dust, thin your finish resin to not quite water consistency; you’ll use less than a cup of unthinned resin for a 9 footer. 3, Wet sand any edges on the rail with 220, then (if prety smooth) 400 wet sand all over, then used heavy duty rubbing compound to bring out a pretty nice gloss.