Gloss Coat vs Acrylic Clearcoat

I swear I searched for an answer but came up without solid a course of action

My first spray painted art on PU foam bled a bit. I went ahead and ‘finished’ the board, sanded to a wet 400, then hand rubbed some gel gloss compound.

The bleeding edge bothered me, so I decided to add not so much a pinline but a border. Took some used 320 and hand sanded most of the deck, taped off some borders and POSCA’d it.

When I finish the rest of the lines, what should I do to protect it?

Rattlecan acrylic spray coat? Any tips on application, etc?

Recommend/is it feasible to brush a thin gloss coat over the 400g sanded finish?

Howzit Bud, I wouldn’t do a gloss over 400 grit, 120 grit is as high a grit I would gloss over. Try some spray can lacquer, it is more durable than acrylic, about 3 coats should be enough.Aloha,Kokua

I like the shine of the acrylic concrete sealer, but you know it isn’t as tough as PU varnish or lacquer … and you have to be careful using wax remover etc. it will eat it up if you leave it on too long …

Of course it’s easy to slap another coat or two on there … I dunno … I like the PU varnish the best but it’s nasty … can’t put that on inside your house … takes forever to dry and I can’t spray it outside here in the winter on account of the fact it’s way below freezing right now …

You can find outdoor, UV stable PU varnish in spray cans too … Minwax as well as many hardware store brands. Probably not as good as a marine specific product, but I’ve used it and it turns out nice.

Decisions …

As always, THANKS KOKUA!

Mahalo endlesswinter