Gloss Ed with poly over poxxy... Nix!

Spent the three hours of morning chipping

 bad bonded gloss of polyester over epoxy resin.

I have spoken previously as to th poor bond of this methodology,

them that does it believe it’s o’kee doaky so they can polish to a

a shine of marketable note … Well in use getting impacted

the flex differentials allow the poly to separate

leaving little clear separations at best and chipped voids at worst.

so I filled a plastic bag of deliterus that was rrefreshingly 

a reused point of purchase  bag of natural bristle bbrushes 

from hodepot  it was labeled  15-pack chip.

funny how I have to make good on iffy production bboard

 practices …that’s how it goes.


well made ssurfboards

are a treasure.

those that appreciate them,

 are quite uncommon as well.

aloha from waipouli…

I have done it with good results, still holding up after 4 years of regular use.  But I’ve heard other stories like yours, so I don’t do it anymore.  Plus, once you get used to working with epoxy, for me anyway, don’t feel inclined to break out the poly anymore.  My boards are not super shiny, some guys get pretty good shine with epoxy, but I hand sand to a fine grit and call it good enough.

bummer Ambrose…

check this stuff out:

I can pick it up at my local auto paint store for $20… can buff out to a mirror shine

dunno where you might pick it up out there in paradise but, it’s worth a look…

Resinhead has some posts about UPOL spray cans.

either way, wear a respirator

the gloss jobs on this thread were done with spraymax:

Is it a poly gloss over epoxy hotcoat or a poly hotcoat over epoxy lam. I used to do it often for long time with no problems but small poly chip off on dings. I see it from poly hotcoat on epoxy lam too soft, light glass over light foam. Not all epoxy can be cover with poly, need a cured well sanded surface, iso poly resin. Better to keep poly only for gloss, and better to not use it.

There’s always been issues trying to combine the two and because of the chemistry there always will be.  Just ordered a can of the Spray Max.  Could it be that there will finally be a better way to finish?  Thanks for the tip Chrisp. This works as advertised and it’ll be a new world.

Does this Spraymax have a long shelf life after it is activated? like If I spray down a fin, and then next year, want to do another fin, am I going to have a unusable 29$ can of spraymax?


What kind of surface prep is required before application?  


I’ve been having serious issues with fisheyes and Apex Epoxy due to airborne contaminants and a shade tree/tarp workshop, and have never really achieved good enough gloss finishes with any Epoxy I’ve used and tried to polish, even in more favorable work environments.


Bitchin ill keep my eyes peeled to see if I can locate this stuff

20$ for a finish ain’t bad…

aloha from waipouli…

home depot or paint store iitem ace.