gloss finish with epoxy

I got a nice glossy finish with my hot coat, but its gonna need some sanding still since its got some acne (i think the room must not have been clean enough or something).

Is there anything i can do to restore that gloss finish after i sand out the acne? has anyone used another addative? maybe like automotive buffing polish?

senk ju.

sand to at least 1000# wet. go as high as 1600# if you feel like it. use a multi-stage cutting compound. polish to a nice shine.

wonderful, im not sure what the “multi-stage cutting compound” is though, can you inform me a little about that please?

also, im only seeing grits as high as 600, is the 1600 a specialty, know where i can find some?

a rubbing compound to take out those last few scratches. just go to your local resin/marine supply store and see what they’ve got. 3M makes a bunch. it’ll say on it what grit sanding marks/swirls it’ll take out. start with medium…then do fine…then polish it up to a nice shine.

i buy my sandpaper at home depot / lowes…they have high grit wet/dry…just gotta look for it.

also, found these for ya (to give you an idea of what you’re looking for):

You can always find the finer grits of sandpaper at the car fixit stores like Pep Boys or Kragen or Auto Zone… cheap, too.