Gloss question

I’ll gloss my board soon, and i’ll make my own gloss resin…

How much SA% ??

After gloss it i need to wet sand??

Thank you all

Howzit romeublue, try about 10% styrene and about 3-5 % SA, That's how I do it.Aloha,Kokua

After your gloss sets up, wetsand 600, rubbing compound, then polishing/finishing compound to a shine.

That’s THREE separate steps!


From the archives, I got the impression that you add the extra styrene and SA to gloss resin.

So just to confirm, do you add that amount of styrene and SA to lam, sanding or gloss resin to make your gloss resin?



 Howzit Matt, add it to glossing resin, I have done the fakie gloss resin thing but there's no replacement for the real thing. Aloha,Kokua

Gloss & Polish Question for Kokua and/or all ther shapers and glassers:

I ordered a sand finish only thruster that is being shipped to me but I’m kicking around the idea of doing a gloss and polish for a stronger finish ( I know I should of ordered a G&P…).

Would you please advise on the steps.

  • Would I lightly sandpaper the board first?
  • I have a qt. of finishing resin - is this what I use? Additives? What is SA?
  • Is the finishing resin applied by brush or squeegee?
  • How do you prevent the resin from running down the sides? Tape the rails? Special type of tape?
  • How long to dry before I do the other side?
  • Tape off the Lokbox openings? 3M tape only?
  • Can I hand sand up to 1000/2000 grit?
  • Follow up with surfboard polish using an orbital sander (I don’t have a special sander/polisher)?
  • Do I need to use a 3M rubbing compound between the sanding and polishing?

Sorry about all the questions. I have repaired and polished dings but thats the extent of my experience.

Anyone advise NOT to do it?

Thanks alot, John

Howzit johnxyz, These days a lot of manufacturers use a sealer on sanded finish boards which is good but if you want to gloss the board you should let them know you don’t want the sealer applied since it can give you problems with the glossing. Even better if you have a rapport with the co tell them to just sand it to 100 grit. Other wise you will have to resand with 100 or 120 so the gloss will stick to the board. Add 10% styrene and about 3-5 % SA to the gloss resin and kick with 20 cc’s catalyst for 16 oz of resin and use a good brush. Tape off the rails at midpoint with some good 3M 233 tape and pull it just as the gloss resin starts to thicken. I wait 24 hrs or so before glossing the other side. As for which grit paper to start with depends on how smooth the gloss came out. finish the sanding with 600 grit and then rub it out with Shurlustre and then polish with a good wax. Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua - you consistently provide helpful and friendly posts to this BB. Couple of follow-up questions:

  • Why do I need to add styrene and SA (sanding agent?) to a finishing/gloss resin?
  • Anyone in the NJ / NYC Metro area know where I can buy styrene, SA and 3M 233 tape? Or do you suggest mail order from Fiberglass Supply in WA. State or Fiberglass Hawai in CA.?

Thanks again,


Howzit johnxyz, it thins out the resin and makes for a smother finish which should require less sanding when you start the rub out process. Hopefully the gloss resin you have is reichold which is what I use.Aloha,Kokua