Glue for foam patch

What is the best glue to use for attaching a foam patch to foam.



Resin should work fine…maybe thickened with some microballoons…are you filling a ding?

I use lam resin and clamp/tape/weight it in place. Apply it to both sides and wipe off the excess while wet. If it’s for a piece broken off, you only need the bond strength to hold in while shaping or glassing. The resin and cloth provide all of the strength for a repair, not the foam-to-foam bond.

Superglue,hotmelt,or better yet 495 locktite.All dry fast fast fast!

or if you are willing to wait abit 5200 marine adhesive.,Resin and sugar for you old glue heads,you can’t beat that.Herb

3bs+4bs=too many bs to surf

Dovetail it and no glue is needed.

ZAP A GAP from houe of balsa,a super glue type deal but big size and yes 90 seconds two minutes ready for the 12000rpm grinder disimalar materials like wood to foam works bitchin for tailblox…ambrose…basa showed me the way

That zap stuff is good, bonds nearly everything, and can’t you get accelerator and other stuff for it too?

Sometimes I just ram it in there, cut it flush with a razor, and sand smooth lightly.

Howzit Brose, I love it " The house of BASA" Yeah the Zap A Gap is good stuff and I'll be using it to attach a wooden tail block on a board I'm doing for Barr. I know B.A. swears by the stuff. Aloha, Kokua

Zap-A-Gap is great stuff, and comes in a variety of types. Hobby stores that specialize in RC planes have a big selection. There’s acceleraters (kickers), thick types, thin types, types just for wood (mainly balsa), filler types, all with a lot of different cure times. Not cheap though.


Dovetail it and no glue is needed.

That would be an interesting project. Jig up for a dovetailed foam board out of srcap foam, glued to a stringer via George Nakashima. (sp)