Glue to recycle deck grip

I have a fairly new deck grip on a board I recently snapped. These things are ridiculously expensive for what they are and if possible I want to reuse it. I remember reading in a surf mag once it can be removed and re-attached to another board. I remember the story suggested removing it with a razor blade carefully. I can’t remember the glue the story recommended to re-attach it. Can anyone recommend a glue that will work and won’t react with the glass on my new pupe board?

contact adhesive!

3M Marine Adhesive…i think it’s #5200

heat the pad with a hair dryer, carefully lift the corner of the pad and direct the heat under ther pad it should peel up pretty easily, remove and residue on the dec with a solvent and cover ther bottom of the pad with plastic to stop it getting dusty and it will restick fine. If not then the M3 stuff works great.

I was extremely successful with liquid nails.

If heating the pad doesn’t preserve the adhesive, another glue to try is Marine Goop. It’s clear, fast drying, and holds on strong.

Howzit pompano, Plumbing adhesive works really good, it’s a sealer and adhesive which I use when doing water fountains.Aloha,Kokua

getting the pad off the old board is a real pain in the ass. My guess is you’ll do it once and say “never again”. I agree though, price is kind high for some molded neoprene and film of adhesive. Wish the Chinese would flood the market with those. Post back and tell us how long it took you.

Thanks for the tips. I haven’t got around to attempting the removal yet as I am riding my new board with wax only for the time being. I will post back when I give it a try.

I have used a water proof contact adhesive before on kiteboard pads. Even built up some heal savers with camping mat and deck grip, the adhesive works great fast and strong…


Using heat to carefully pull up the pad is the way to go.

If the pad starts to tear away then use a razor blade to

‘fillet’ the pad off in that area. 3M citrous based

adhesive remover works great too. Especially for removing

the remaining adhesive. You can spray it on, let it work

for a minute and then use a squeegy to scrape the gooey

mess off. Then wash with hot water and soap using one

of the those pot cleaning sponges. Finally a thorough

wiping with some Isopropyl alcohol will remove the

remaining glue. I’m not fond of acetone.

Contact cememt works great for putting pads on but can be

smelly, messy and leave yellow spots.

Here’s some peel and stick film that I use for pads:…erica/1730/U636.aspx

I got a 100’x12" roll that has lasted a long time. I’m

almost due for another roll so if you need some, then

contact me in a couple of weeks.


I’ve had good luck with the wife’s hairdryer. Takes a few minutes, but seems to do OK.

GooGone or the 3M citrus-based cleaner previously mentioned work well for leaving a spotless deck.

For re-adhering, 3M spray adhesives previously mentioned are great. Super77 or the High-Strength 90 are the bomb, but the 90 will be very tough to remove if you cycle through this process again, although I’ve only had one stomp pad last that long.

Elmer’s glue !

Naw,not really!There are some great tips for others here ,though.Herb

For pad repairs, wet suit glue contact cement works great, masked with tape.