Gluing rocker in EPS foam sheets

Hi, I’m making my first styro foam board (white EPS insulation foam from Home Depot). I have some left over epoxy and glass and thought it would be fun. Anyway after reading everything I could find in the archives I came up with an idea for gluing in a rocker from 1" sheets. Didn’t see this before so thought I would post it, it worked really well.

What I did was take an existing board that I like a lot as a model, removed the fin, then turned it upside down on the racks. Next I took 3 sheets of 1" thick foam and stacked them on top of the board. I put a coat of epoxy between the layers then placed weights along the top to make the composite conform to the bottom profile of the model board. I also placed straps every foot or so and tightened them. After drying for 24 hours I removed the straps and weights and now have a 3" “blank” with a rocker precisely matching the model board. The rocker held well without any springback.