go pro gismut

Do you have a picture to show what  and where to put this rubber gismut?

sorry this took so long…

hope this helps:

is that on the bottom?


i got one for xmas that I have not figured out how/where to install yet either.

i was just going to get a surf helmet and mount it on that so it doesn’t matter what board you ride

i heard a leash cup install is the way to go versus that big rubber deally

no, it’s on the deck / nose…

i plan on doing something else for future mounts tho…

EDIT: i just went back and looked at the pic again. i think it’s the fisheye that makes it look like it’s on the bottom

ok.........but what is it for?

Ok I  get it . With this thing you can t open and loose the cam!

yes. also, if you notice, it reduces wobble. try wobbling the cam without the rubber piece then, wobble the camera with it in.

post some pics!

they’ve got FCS plug mounts. did you get one of those with your kit?

i’ve got one that i will not be using and you’re welcome to it if you want… let me know