going for it... fiberglass free surfboard 1st take

Here I go…I am making a fiberglass free board from: pvc strigered eps 1.5# ,  silk, agroban(polypro), and cork…All in a vac bag sandwich…My goals are: that is dosn’t break right off, its under 7 lbs, and fun on overhead …I shaped blank by hand, put in fin boxes.  Next I did one layer agroban and bottom seal with epoxy and q-cell.  I then vacuumed the fallowing in order: agroban, silk, agroban, and then cork nl-20 3mm.  here is where I am at so far…what do ya think? I plan on one more silk then cork on bottom then silk over whole thing.    any suggestions ?  aloha



here is bottom to show you agro lamination,

so far its flexy but not to flexy,

it feels strong ish on the cork. 

Sure, why not?  If Everysurfer can go 100% Cordura on his boards you should be able to make this work.  Looks good so far.  

Thanks for sharing.

Looking forward to a full report.

Interesting board. I made my first fiberglass-less board last month: cotton/linen. Was a step-up build and didn’t need it on my trip. Used the cotton/linen/fiberglass hybrid board and it felt good. The natural fibers seemed to soak up a bit more resin, though. A sealed blank would take care of any weight problem, though. 


Good on you Hi bred

I did a full nylon one almost 2 years ago… and it finally got it’s first ding about a month ago…heel through the deck on a bad wipe out… looking forward to the build




I just did a board with flower print cotton under the glass.  Well leash broke and new board went into rocks and I took a swim.  I examened the board after it marooning and I had some things to think about…well besides check leash more often, I saw the  exoped cork did not suffer even though it ened up landing on the deck on the  big I rocks whilegetting pounded, glass shattered on rail but the cotton was fine under it and  it saved my rail from any water intrusion.

So i thinkin well glass is glass and it shatters, cloth is cloth and it bends and with cork as rebounding layer it could be impact strong…

 I liked prepping without having to wear a mask,  my family is close to where I work sometimes so fiberglass free is cool AND I worked with gary young and He is a friend who gets me thinkin 

I’ll see and file reports with yall


I like the idea of flex, strong ,and I think its cool lookin the cork…the boards I build with 3mm skins wood are light, strong, hard to do rails  and too stiff, 

well I got  bottom skin on and silk outside layer on and its scarry flexy!  I am not sure what to do.  

Do I give it some warp glass , and give up on glassless for now?

it feels compression strong but like it will snap in a big duck dive lip smash my backer.  

Google swaylocks modern laminates. I’ve laid out how i do it on the last couple of pages.

Hi Bred,
Next time laminate some maple veneer on both sides then use your eco cloths