Going on Record

Just checked out a friend’s new Surf Tech. I am a fan of some of their shapes, but this was a truly uninspiring egg. He had bought this board after complaining that a board that I had shaped for him in the same size range was “too hard to paddle”. Sure it surfed great, but…

Anyway, he bought the pop-out egg and guess what. It’s also “too hard to paddle”. I sense a trend. As I was looking it over I noticed the serial number on the bottom. It seemed to indicate that there are at least 11,000 of these boards being ridden somewhere in the world. A new word instantly formed in my head and I’m hoping I can take credit for it:

Popycat: (pop-y-cat): n., adj.: One surfboard that closely imitates or mimics another by means of a mass production technology.

Suggested antonym: Original


L O L !

Please add that to the Glossary!