Going to make my first builds! and Questions on Alaia dimensions

Hello Everyone!,  The other day I stumbled onto a blog about Alaia surfboards and the basics of making one. The Alaia’s looked so difficult, yet fun to surf, I decided I wanted to build one.  My plan is to make two, one for me and one for my sister.  After looking through the threads on Alaia’s, I thinking that for the wood, I am going to use leftover cedar post, titebond3 glue, and a spar varnish as my finish. My only current problem is I dont know what dimensions I really need…  I was thinking something around 6’5 to 7ft/ 17inches wide/and 1inch thick for mine.  Do these dimensions sound like they would work for me or do I need to go bigger? I weigh 160lbs. For the other board, I have no idea what dimensions it should be. My sister is about 4ft tall and 48lbs. I’d like to make it big enough for her to boogie board or stand and surf on. Does anyone have any ideas on how big hers should be? Thank You!

length equals your height or less.

width  probably 16 for your weight.

sister? 48 lbs? => foam boogie board.

alaias really really hurt when they hit you in the head.

but, if she’s a precocious genius, she will be happy to try your alaia,

and tell you what to build her next…

One inch, that’s plenty thick.

Use epoxy for glue.