Good Article on George Gall of PlusOne

Good article on George, a frequent contributor here and one who has been particularly generous with information. This place would be pretty lame without the pro’s helping lead us along. The Patch has had some other good interviews as well. I think one on Dan Mann, maybe others.

BTW, the new Asymm is great. I guess I ought to post a ride report.

George is a good guy - always a class act, always takes the high road, good meaniningful contributions here, great shapes, I just can’t say enough of how impressed I am with his work and his persona here on Swaylocks.  There are a handful of pro shapers here I would love to buy boards from if I were in a position to do so, and George is definitely one.

Imagine if the above was your quiver…

Thanks for posting. Good read. George is awesome. 

I already have too many boards LOL!  My garage was looking more and more like that pic, so now I have some at my mom’s place, some at my wife’s retail store “for display only”, and a few for sale there, some in the garage, and some in the shop out back. 

I still want one of George’s asyms, 'tho!

George is the “real deal” and his Assyms ( I ordered a custom late last year) are a future if not the future of where wave craft design will eventually go especially with this new foam from Marko.

I can’t wait to see wait he comes up with his collaborations

But then being a semi applied physicist and oceanographer, I’ve been partial to mathmaticians/engineers anyway.

Guys like George, Tom Morey, Carl Ekstrom, Brewer, Simmons, Brown and Cabell(cats) have interested me throughout my 40+ years playing around in the ocean.

George, Bert, Drew, Jeff Alexander, and “Holly/Delbert Pumpernickle”(Mike) have garnered my “design” attention the last decade.

“Buffo” seems to be another interesting guy too


Huck, get one. George built an 8-0/7-10 for me and I am blown away. Forget what you think you know about fin placement. It an unusually fast and manuvorable board. I’ll post a ride report soon.

Bernie, spot on.

all the best

good on you , George ,  yewwwww !!!! glad you are getting some well-deserved recognition , mate .


  and thanks for posting that , Greg !





Always a little difficult for me to read these articles about talented, experienced shapers who are barely getting by.  There are upsides to the lifestyle for sure but watching industry people work their asses off for all the years and after all that time be making a little over minimum wage is just another example of the surfing public disrespecting the ones who have created what the sport and modern equipment is.  To bad so few surfers see what’s important. 

great point.  you can’t eat recognition. although it can taste good on the way down.  

Ambrose, you’re on.

I suspect that Mr Galls statement about,  the access to materials to home builders , comes from the fact that in many types of business you can buy materials at a discount only if you are a dealer in those products or are licensed , a bit like getting a contracter  discount at home depot , but I think the only break you get on board building materials is by volume , which of coarse means shelling out a great deal of money and then having it sit on the shelf , many businesses depend on that extra material markup . Just a thought . T

Surfboard building isn’t as material intensive as other businesses so any quantity discounts are small.  Pretty much what George is talking about. Leaves little place to find margin. So most builders are making their money on their own labor.  When there is little margin that also eliminates increased production because you then lose your labor paycheck.  Tough biz.  Then you eventually turn 60 years old with bad knees or hips from all the years on your feet, unable to really do the physical labor and with no health insurance so you can’t be fixed.  Then what? 

that sounds like a lot of contractors I know!

when you turn 60

then you reach for the neck of that ol’

stringed instrument and practice the 

12 bar blues,or just listen to them

whats been singin’ them blues

before us,well into their eighties.

No body gets outta here alive.

Enjoy the ride all the way to the beach

jump in the rip and ride it back out

to the take off …shootin’ the curl?

aint all there is.


makin’ a damn good board outa

damn good epoxy,Thats stellar…

Now if we could only make

a glassin chair.To go with

special glassin’ racks.


Glassin chair … I like it.  Yep, same thing Huck.