good lumber source in the monterey bay area

Here’s one for anyone who’s done some cabinet making or board building from monterey to santa cruz, ca…

I’ve been searching for about three weeks for a good source of sitka spruce in the area, and have found bubkis. I’ve got one lumberyard that will order it for $7.60 a board foot, but they even said it was pretty low quality. That failing, anyone know of a good place for western red cedar? Everything I’ve seen so far is pretty poor, at $4.60 a board foot.

I’m trying to get my fish project off the ground. I’ll be measuring a bro’s fish early next week to get a template and then away it goes! …as soon as I find a spurce/cedar source :frowning:


Crossroads Recycled Lumber

Crossroads Recycled Lumber has been recycling lumber since 1981 supplying quality old growth timbers to some of the finest homes and commercial projects in the country.
One of our goals is to promote and support sustainable building practices. We especially want to work with people using earth, straw, and non-toxic materials in their projects.
Crossroads supplies individual homes as well as larger mainstream projects where the look and quality of old growth timber is desired.
By the way, what are you making anyway? Solid fish, or Skinned fish?

Here are some other possibilities, culled from a recent issue of WoodenBoat mag:

Woods Unlimited, San Leandro, CA 510-843-4390 - ad doesn’t specifically mention Sitka spruce, but does mention several varieties of cedar, including Western red and Port Orford. San Leandro looks to be about 100 driving miles from you. I understand that in California, that makes you next-door neighbors :->

MacBeath Hardwoods 510-843-4390 also mentions cedars, but they are way down the block in Berkeley.

If the size and quantity you need can be shipped at reasonable cost, there are 2 outfits in BC, and one in CA, all claiming to have Sitka spruce:

West Wind Hardwood 800-667-2275 BC. West Wind claims to ship anywhere.

Classic Yacht services BC 250-743-3837

Aircraft Spruce West, Corona, CA 951-372-9555


Thanks for the replies. So far I’ve been trying to stay on this side of the hill, but it looks like a trip over to silicon valley might ironically be what is needed to find lumber.