good phase 2 board for a young beginer

My Son has been surfing standing up for about a year, he is 7. His board currently is a Hot Grommet Australia Board its about 5’5"x4"x20ish", it features boggie material on top hard plastic on bottom and rubber thruster fins rounded nose and tail MP style I guess (very safe and easy to catch waves). He is getting pretty good, catching 20 to 30 waves per sesh mostly white wash but (can angle a pretty good back side grab rail) and will go left or right wave allowing. We surf in Half Moon Bay and Pacifica mainly, cold and pretty consistant conditions. Where I would like to see him head is more manuvers and more duck diving. The problem with improving on his current board is that its too thick for him to duck dive and manuver, the fins I think have too much flex. I want somthing with safty features also, but he has enugh skills to go to something slightly more hardcore. My thoughts on a new board were mabye a soft top short board with pro tech fins. Anyone have any helpfull thoughts or ideas or models? A standard short board I think might be alittle dangerous, I don’t want to spook him pluss it would probobly get thrashed on the shore. Much appreciated!!!

just let him rip on a real board,the sharks, cold, and surf is more dangerous than a little shortboard. You could have a board shaped without a pointed nose, and get those fins with rubber edges, I think theyre made by surfco hawaii. But just let him start ripping on a regular board and he’ll probably thank you later.

Shaun, My boy is 8 and I got him a fairly standard issue 6’ thruster for his 6th birthday. He’s been fine on that board. No major injuries. Though he did take a solid hit to the chin on a late Summer evening - past bed time- school night - just as mum came up over the berm wondering where the hell we were. Took a bit of heat for that one. We’re on the NE coast of New Zealand which might be one of the more ideal spots to learn to surf. Lots of small days with perfectly shaped waves. A bit different than nor-cal. This Summer he had a chance to try a variety of different boards. He really seemed to do well on a 5’10" egg shape -fairly wide. Just had a blast on it. I’m just making him one like it now. Nice rounded edges. I remember gettting out there when I was 7 on a board I couldn’t carry with some older brothers who would check on me at least every couple of hours. They couldn’t go unless they took me with them. What I remember most though was being out there on my surf mat all day long getting the feel of it all. I’ve never been a great surfer but I 've still got that feeling. It’s great you’re getting your boy out there. Whatever you do is a plus.

The perfect board is probably any of Dad’s old boards. Try to add a nose protector and get Protek fins if possible. And a longer leash so the board won’t be too close after a wipeout. Can’t wait until I have to figure out my son’s second board. Rob Olliges

Thanks for all the replies! Much appreciated!!