Good shapers near Italy. For glide style fish.

A friend in Italy is asking about where to get a good fish around 6’8 for italians waves. (There are waves there!) but not many shapers.

I was saying a few guys who sell boards in England, and maybe an order from US or spain would be possible.

he wants a good board i think someone reputable close to home.Although a good backyarder Near italy could be on the cards.

Anyone know a good fish, retro and other style shaper in or near italy?


(Ps heres a clip of waves near Monaco- it does sometimes get good in the Med!)

skip to 33-34 if you hate that party scene.

Perhaps a shaper in France?

 i think there are quite a few good shaper around but its probably more dificult to “find” one in europe. it seems they are hiding.

he sure is a good one if its close enuff



Try this:

Gilles Guidarini is a pretty good shaper.

My friend Axel (link above) is also excellent, but he actually works for Pukas in northern Spain. That’s much farther away from Italy than Cannes.

Contact my friend Michele at in Italy 

Great fish shaper!!! good guy too! 

Tell him paul from Ireland sent you! :o) 

Thanks fellas appreciate it.