Good to see the site back...

Hey Mike, I don’t know exactly what happened yesterday, but I and a lot of others I’m sure are glad to see you back up and running. Would be hard to imagine not having swaylocks around. FD

Panic moment How many of you thought “Damn, I wish I sent money to support the site?”

Me. What happened?

pheeew…scared the hell out of me.welcome home mike.

Tate - yeah, I’ll be sending dough… I figured the site was gone…One hell of a resource to lose…

Amen guys, I was heavily bumming. Mike, good to see you are up and running.

its been really glitchy lately… too many pops ups and cr@p

Man, I was bummed. I too thought the site was gone. I have never had any pop-ups while visiting this site. Glad everything is back up and running. ed

Thank God your back up and running!!

Collective sigh of relief!! The last outpost of reality in the surfing world remains. Sending money and linking to my site >>

Howzit Guys, Today is the first day I’ve been able to get back on site. Looks like you’ve been back for a couple of days already. Aloha, Kokua