Googleleads Marketing Scares Me (true story)

I logged on to Sways.  Glanced at the bottom of the page to see what “mind reading” add would appear. Normally, if I am looking at a post concerning “foam”, I see Segway or some bedding soft foam.  No biggie.

This time, before I even selected a post to read, I saw an ad for Tampons.  Now, granted, I was in a foul mood, feeling a little bloated, and my outfit was making me look …heavy.

But how did Google know?

Haha.... You're just in a foul mood because the wind is fouling up our hurricane swell.


yes it is and yes I am.  Life is not fair. 

I take that back.  I just counted my blessings.

Does this wetsuit make me look fat?

    Howzit Greg, Welcome to Big Brother. Actually it is tracking cookies that a website leaves on your computer when you visit a website. Get an anti spy ware program and install it. Then go to the website and download a program called Cookie wall. Read the instructions. After years I have maybe 20 cookies on my computer and those are ones I want to keep.Aloha,okua

Yeah, the bloating sucks....I'll be over it in a few days.

I was down to 174 pounds...not too bad considering I was 185.....I've leveled out at 177.

I've got to stop watching "Project Runway" and "Americas Next Top Model"......

Where's my grinder...time to make some noise!

Very disconcerning.............I stop using tampons years ago..Hot flashes and what not.  But I got an ad for stool softner....what's that about?


Am I that full of crap?

If you get water craft insurance from AAA

does that mean free ding repair????


PS,,, Ive been bloated for some time now!

i for one am looking forward to a fun weekend at Plaskett eating bon bons and painting eachother's toenails!

ok, that was funny

ok, that was funny

    Howzit stingray, In 94 before I got diabetes i weighed around 165, next thng I knew I was down to 149 then 136 for years till the cancer thing which took me down to 115 then I got back up to 138 but now am down to 127. I would take any extra lbs out there if it was possible. I have a fat index of around 1% . Aloha,Kokua

G.T., Do we have to go through this again next month?? If so, I’ll get you some chocolate.  I know…it’s me and not you.