gopro fcs plug wanted

Hi All,

Does anyone have a GoPro FCS plug attachment that they don't intend to use and would like to sell?






I have a suggestion on installing the plug…


I installed the first one in my LB pointing forward along the stringer.  It’s OK…

Suggestion is to install the fin plug with about a 30-45 degree angle the direction you intend to go most often.  Or put two in a row, one toward the right and one toward the left.  Otherwise you get videos like this:

I know this is an old post but if anyone is interested:

Go pro does not sell this fcs plug mount separately, only as part of a kit, which we found very annoying.  We finally found a source and now offer it as an accessory.  Mount this attachment to the plug and you are ready to shoot video with your gopro camera (compatible with all generations of gopro cameras).  

Can also be used as a safety tow strap attachment, use leash to attach to board to be towed (see photo).


Wow that is very cool, I’ve never seen it before. Thanks for sharing.