GoPro Mouth Mount Video

So I just finished putting this edit together using my new custom-rigged mouthpiece mount for the gopro. This mount sits the camera directly in front of your eyes for true POV footage (you need to position it slightly higher than your eyeline to be able to focus past the camera but you barely notice it when you surf). Check out the video first, then if you wanna make one of your own feel free to figure it out with the photos I’ve provided…

I’ll give you a hint: EPOXY

DAWN: A Day in the Life from Resurrect-Dead on Vimeo.

Here’s the first test video in big surf… needless to say I only took the one wave. No fun choking in double-overhead






I made a couple almost identical to those but I didn’t rais the camera.

so, mine have the camera sitting at about chin level.

it works 'cuz I can see, hahaha

oh, and yes, Epoxy

Here is the (Let it go- song :slight_smile: ChrisP model.

approved by the American Dental Association… put their kids through college! 

Looks like an accident, waiting to happpen. Do you spit it out when you duckdive? Seems it stands a good chance of smashing you in the face.

Nah its really safe as long as you know your limitations. If you watch the second video when I took it out in double overhead conditions at the bay it was too much. Very scary to duck dive with it in. What I found works best is a coil style body board leash wrapped around you like a seat belt. That way you can let go and have it trail behind you when you paddle and not need to worry about getting hung if it catches on something - way better than the leash around the neck some guys Do.
I raised it to my eyeline because I found it was harder to breathe with it pressing against my nose… It’s kinda like wearing those weird Kanye West sunglasses that are just strips of plastic - you’d think it obstructs your vision but really youreyes just focus past it and you barely notice.
Plus it’s great for those moments when you’re paddling back out and watching a friend get an epic thinking


Nothing like an epic thinking, I always say!!

Ha… damn, my phone cut off the typing and I thought I could get to my computer before anyone noticed…

That should say “Watching a friend get an epic ride thinking ‘Man, I wish my eyes were a camera so you could see that’”

what materials do you need to make this mouth piece?

Super simple - any gopro quick release clip will work, but I find the sloped one to work best. The mouthpiece was harvested from a snorkel, and aside from that you can just add however many adjustment arm pieces as you like (keep in mind the more you add the heavier the gopro is in your mouth). 


Make sure you rough up the mouthpiece as well as the quickrelease clip with sandpaper first

Epoxy works to bond them, but I’m going to use suguru on my next one as it will bond to the sillicone better

allow to dry and then enjoy… 


All that said - I find if the surf is anything over head-high it’s best to just bite on the floaty backdoor or a piece of traction pad glued to the door as the mouthpiece poses a choking/drowning hazaard in heavy surf

thank you im gonna try to build one soon.

Use that Go-pro to take a “selfie” so you can see how ridiculous that thing looks.   Anything that blocks your vision and and breathing makes no sense in the water.  I saw a kid out 2 days ago with a mouth mounted Go-Pro filming himself dropping in on the shoulder of waist high waves and forcing cutbacks…  I watched your video and there has to be a safer way to film people cutting you off?

there is no reason to block your vision with this.

Gopro has an “upside down” recording function.


build the mouth mount, hang the camera down by your chin, and switch it to record upside down.


Again, it doesn’t really block the vision - and the point of putting directly at the eyeline is that (for me as a professional videographer by day anyway) I can tell a noticable difference between when the gopro is mounted on the head, chest, below the chin and at the eyeline. For some styleistic purposes, I wanted a mount that gives you the feel of seeing through the surfers eyes. That’s why I only use this on occasion, and usually just bite the float for most other shots


Yeah those were my buddies I usually tell people to go in front of me when I’m filming POV because the follow-shots you get are really cool

Vicco big wave hellman , Sandy Ryan , has his sitting UNDER his chin , so as not to break his nose.  There are a few shots of him with it in action , on Oneula’s ‘go pro setups’ thread , here at sways …