Gordon Clark Interview

I was able to get Gordon Clark on camera talking about the early days. It was an interesting perspective.


Maybe we could get someone to link that interview.  I live a couple of hours West of him and have wondered how he’s been doing since a big write up in an Oregon magazine a few years back.

Thank you very much.   Still have a few minutes left to watch.   Dispelled a lot of my own personal misconceptions .   Cheap prices and credit.  Chicken $#!t and chicken salad.  Glad someone finally did this.  Glad that he agreed to do it.  On his terms of course.  His comments about Kivlin were enlightening.  I shaped a couple of Rogers and a Dave Sweet way back when.  With a Surform no less.  By the by;  As a young boy who grew up in the Big Valley;  I could lean on a fence post and talk cows and sheep with the ol’ boy easily.   Lowel


Scott Bass?

What?  Couldn’t find the answer to that in your library?


According to himself, No. 

Looks like they do weddings too.  Funny that people get all hung up in the peripherals and general BS like what initials stand for rather than all the good history and revelations contained in the interview.  To the general public Gordon Clark is one of the great mysteries of surfing and the Industry.  Lousy interviewer, but Clark with his “script” kept it on topic.  Highlights;  info on Jennings, Sweet, Foss, Rogers and Walker.  The story about Ekstrom and Simmons on Oahu.  The Phil Edwards bicycle story and  Clark’s high regard for Matt Kivlin.  If you know a little of the BS history, you can easily figure out those he refused to name.  He was on Oahu in the early days surfing the Westside/Makaha every day with the same five or six people.  

Wonder who those six people were and if any of them have been shapers since '58?

hours of good interviews on there with alot of legends

Yeah good stuff.  Worth the time to watch.