got any blue foam?

ran across this thread, thought you hot-wire heads might appreciate the photos (keep scrolling down):

i’ve been laminating blue plus white for my blanks. So commercial hotwiring is not a convenient option for what I do.

when it comes to hotwiring and vac bagging the aeromodellers are way ahead of the board builders. I get most of my info from them.

the actual act of hot-wiring quickly loses its excitement after about the first blank. Fortunately i’ve got it to the stage where i can single handedly hot wire a blank and watch tv at the same time.

I agree, the RC world is doing some amazing things with PS cores, a hotwire and…a computer… this is the sideshot of a wing spar. The pic is fuzy but it demonstrates the possibilities. Saw it on

cheers, Brennan

Cool thread Keith. Just like swaylocks, just a different passion.

yes, it’s definitely another passion. When I was growing up I spent months (all winter) building planes out of balsa – gliders, free flight, combat, scale, eventually R/C … about the only thing I never did was the microfilm indoor stuff… I’ll never forget the day an old guy came out to our field and showed us how to make pressurized fuel tanks, so the planes could run inverted forever… just like here, there are the apprentices and then there are the masters, and a whole world of stuff to learn between the two.