Got Fins Halcyon?


We are looking for a custom set of bonzer fins that fit FCS plugs. This is Austin’s new five fin Bonzer and we were thinking about getting you to make a set of fins for us if you had the time. Since the color of the board is kind of wild we were thinking about clear fins. Any ideas? PM AustinS with the particulars.



Hey Saunders,

You’re right transparent fins would be the right call. Coke bottle green would work nicely too. The board looks like it’s close to 9’0" and pretty wide. I think an 8.25 inch Whiteside is the call for the center fin. I can make some bonzer runners for you to work with standard FCS plugs. I’ll just have to set the steep bonzer cant in them. I think is see two sets of FCS plugs on either side of the board, right?

It’s a wild and crazy thing you did mate.

Post a shot of the rocker.

I’ll have to post a photo of the 9’2" Twonger that Nick Palandrani and I collaborated on. It has similar bottom curves in it to your bonzer. It’s rips in big surf. I’ll try and catch up with it so I can take some photos. Right now it’s on trial with a really hot local.

Mahalo, Rich

Jeesh Austin -

You really outdid yourself with THAT one! I’m color blind as hell but that one stands out even to my eyes. Very cool!!

Nice background on the photo collage. Is that snow on the ground on the deck/tailblock shot?

Blue seems to go nice with these types of colors (this one’s by Daniel’s longboards) :

Howzit T., That board is great, I notice the colored edges are a lot cleaner than the other Mexican blanket board you posted a while back. On this board did you tape off and do the color on the foam? Seems like that would be an easier way to do it.Aloha,Kokua

painted tinted lam resin over the hotcoat, me thinks…

Kokua & Soulstice ,

Close, we actually painted the resin on the lam coat and then covered it with a lap of 4oz so when we get a ding (you know its going to happen) we can hopefully grind into the top layer without messing up the color. We will see. After doing it this way we do get a brighter color but it is really hard to get a consistant color. Just an experiment actually. We only get to experiment on our own boards anymore.



Hey Rich just out of curiosity how do you get the cant into those FCS fins?

Hey Lokbox,

I cut the fin template out with the fin tabs a little oversized. I laminate a full fin thickness on the outside of the fin tabs. I make a mark across the cross section of the the fin tab and the angle I want the fins to set. For bonzer runners that’ll be 22.5 degree. Once this is cut off the inside of the fin tab and is nice and true I size the thickness on a router table and fine tune them to fit in the fin boxes. Then I file off the bottom of the fins to fit nicely against the board and finish the job by foiling and finish the fin.

No Worries, Rich

Figured you were doing the glue-up. Whats your finished cost?