Got fish ?

Some may have noticed I could put my hands on a few lokbox/rainbow fins and boxes.

I recieved today for the first time a board with those beauties on.

Simple schedule for the board ?

Well almost.

The deal was to create a fish that will be surfed either quad or twin.

So I used Speed Dialers as a quad set and Doc model as keels.

To surf the board as a twin, the keels are to be placed inside the back set of plugs and pushed as forward as possible.

The board is orange tinted resin on the bottom with light red swirls to remind the “blood orange”.

There is a leash loop this time.


that’s VERY nice. Your boards just keep getting better and better…

Curious to know how it handles in the twin setup…

They do look nice, but I had a leash loop right there on one of my fish and ended up grinding it off because it hurt my back foot when I stepped on it…


those recent boards of yours look fantastic- really nice work. To save Ben the hassle, what are the dims on the quad? Keep at it, I love seeing your work.

Thank’s a lot to all swaylockian for your support and inspiration…

Things don’t happen without any (good) reasons. :wink:

The board is a 6’0" x 20"1/2 x 2"1/2

It will be a longboarder’s toy.

And stay tuned, I’ll have a few more beauties to come soon…

And as the full season is passed and winter is coming, I have a few ideas at the back of my mind asking to come out…

Is this pe/pu or eps/epoxy? Either way, beautiful board mate!

Um, I must be hanging around with Chip and the other aussies too much…

Man that is a beautiful board!!!

hahahhh Art , ya tripper !! […it’s an "eye popper ", indeed !]

Lob ,

I am SO glad you are back posting shots of your boards , you do beautiful work man ! [see nathan , I didn’t say “mate” , for a change ! hahah …it’s “pote” in french , I believe?]

… keep the photo stoke coming , Lob , pote !



Is this pe/pu or eps/epoxy? Either way, beautiful board mate!

The boards is a “classical” PU/PE board.

Foam is techblank, sold in France by Viral (they also sell Burford).

Fiber is Hexcell and resin Silmar249.

Glass schedule: 6ozEglass+6ozSglass on top and 6ozEglass fot the bottom.

Nice boards are boards that last…

Nice fish, lob!!! You do good work. Are those little pinlines around the fin boxes?

Yes they are.

The plugs are the first lokbox we had to deal with.

They have been put after the lamination…

The thin line hides what has to be hidden…

Since then, we could meet Mr Lokbox himself in Bordeaux… no more problems to come with those boxes: Seb, the glasser puchased the jig set.


I just fnished Laming a board that has just about the same outline and dimensions as your board! By the way yours is much pretty than mine!!

I’m doing a 4 fin set up with center fin box.

Would you mind giving me the quad fin placement on your board?

How far up front and rear fins are


Toe in

and distance fins set from rail

If you could do this it would be awsome!


lob: best of both worlds. beautiful finish. awesome.


Fin placements.

That all depends on the fin templates you’ll use.

On lokbox’s the part going into the box is placed at different distances from the back edge of the fins…

As I was to use Speed dialers as quad set, I choosed the Doc template for twins…

I should give you the “shapers” dot placement to be precise but I just remember the fin’s itself.

Here we go… Hopefully it’s clear and easy to understand.

Mesurements will be in cm, no inches, considering the fins are placed in the center of the box…

Quad set up:

Back fin trailer edge:

  • 19.5cm from tips

  • 3.5cm inside rail

  • 3mm toe in

Front fin trailer edge:

  • 30cm from tips

  • 3.5cm inside rail

  • 5mm toe in

Twin set up: never mind you’ll use the rear box :wink:

Once being said, you may notice the board is not a proper quad fish and the program is a bit different.

There are no wings or bumps and 6’0" is quite a long fish.

Here are the classic numbers for a quad set up from lokbox:

Back fin:

  • 13.5cm from tips

  • 3.5cm inside rail

  • 3mm toe in

front fin:

  • 28cm from tips

  • 3.5cm inside rail

  • 5mm toe in

As you can see, I had to push the whole system closer to the nose and put fins closer to each other in order to be able to have the board surfed as a twin.

As a quad, if you push the back fin as far back as possible and the front fin as far front as possible, then you may not be so different from the classic numbers.

As a twin, if you put the fin inside the back box and then push the fin as far front as possible, then you may not be that far from a classic twin set up.

Hope that helps.

By the way, I grabbed killer acid splashes for both sets:

Thanks for the detail I can work off it!