got my surfboard back - thanks sways

a week or two ago, i posted here about my board being stolen and then showing up for sale online. i deleted the post thinking it may hinder progress on getting it back. well, i got it back. most of you encouraged me to involve the police, which i did, and it worked out.

some key things that helped me get it back and could help you in the future

  • board stolen, i figured it was gone for good. i did not report it.
  • the board showed up online for sale about 2 or 3 weeks after it was taken, way over-priced (by like $400 lol)
  • it was unique enough to begin with (board model name), so that helped w/ me searching daily to see if it showed up (assuming the model name would be used in the post. thankfully, it was).
  • i had done some cosmetic things to it that made it easily identifiable
  • when posted for sale, the kook used a phone number that was visible in the post. i figured it was a burner, but it wasn't.
  • i googled the phone # and that didn't help...only brought up searches like "pay to find out who owns this phone #".
  • i found out you can use facebook to search phone #'s and was extremely lucky that the same phone # in the ad was used on the poster's legit facebook account (just copy the # and paste it into the facebook's search bar and it yielded a specific person w/ a photo, location and some general info (because their account wasn't completely private))
  • called police and made report and provided the suspect info/ad/facebook account etc.
  • they asked if there was any proof board was mine. i had detailed knowledge of size/spec and a photo of me surfing it (officer was surprised i knew specific dims to 1/4" by memory, but what surfer doesn't : ) i didn't have serial # but had enough pics/info to make the case i guess.
  • **take photos of all your board's serial #'s just in case. **
  • i don't know how the police proceeded, but they got the board back, contacted me and i picked it up from the station a few days later.

i feel extremely lucky and am thankful for the police’s response and work on this.

keep pics and serial #'s of your boards handy, just in case they get nipped and show back up online. i really figured it was long gone.

thanks everyone!


 Good tips for others.


Good for you.

One more reason to thank the men in blue.


Good stuff, thanks!

They gave you the board back, not held for evidence, so they probably just had a chat with him . Not really enough in my opinion. How about a link to his Facebook page. All in good fun, of course

Nice!  Glad you got your board back.  But you west coast guys (US)… Here on the east coast, accidents happen, fires can start anywhere.

the guy sounds like a real smart one…

Glad to hear you got it back. Similar thing happend to me last year and I got my board back directly from the person trying to sell it. Goes to show using wisdom ussually turns up positive results.