grain fish

I rode by a neighbor one day making sawdust in his garage and noticed he was building a HWS.

Long story short, nearly two years later and after a lot of clamping, sawing, cussing, beer, more cussing and even more beer, the board is done.

We hand sanded this mofo all the way to 2000…god help us.


glass on bamboo keels from probox larry…the board is leaning on a bit of a slope so it looks wonky…at least slightly more wonky than natural.


Dude - TWO YEARS!!  There's gotta be more to this story!  I built my first one from scratch and it only took me a month and a half working weekends and nights.  I'm thinking he was just using the board as an excuse to get out of the house!

Nice board, btw, looks awesome.  I think one of it's shoes is missing, 'tho.  And I didn't see a vent plug, gonna need one if its not already in.