graphics extreme.. tales of the addiction

no wonder why Oneula isn’t posting as much . … you two are super busy!! This is awesome! Happy for you guys.

The comment about the carpenter bees! LOL!! Better keep blanks wrapped up or indoors huh?

Update 1:

ever notice how you just can’t stop…

my family says I’m a fool for brown Qcell spackling over the bamboo skins to smooth it out. But since I’m veneering it with 1/42" burled walnut, tigerwood, ebony and koa i’m more concerned with sand thru’s than another bamboo looker. Another couple weekends to finish off those two. As usual doing things the hard way again. Probably can even finish the blue 1/8" cedar/poplar personal at the same time. With full pre-cut rail bands and pre-made skins things go alot quicker now… Just need to use up these big boxes of veneer I bought so I can reclaim some room in the house.

On the otherhand we popped in three more to make up for these three donations. Below is my brother’s bamboo’d United Way Auction (best one yet little brother) and three more we just bagged for us later… going blue as they say in comedy circles…

Queen Liliuokalani’s backyard wiliwili nose and tail blocks… gotta have some mana in that

bamboo springers anyone?

ever get that feeling you just have too stuff of everything?

decided to organize the frig

amazing how much crap can fit in a standard frig…

Probably take us a couple years to use up all this stuff…

funny thing is we don’t do that much color work

damn sways…

did you guys win the lottery or something?

or maybe a trust fund at the Home Depot?