graphics extreme.. tales of the addiction

An Addiction Chronical otherwise known as fun with foam sheeting in pictures…

Mahalo G. Young and CMP your mana’o will never be fully repaid…

so no further explanations to be provided so don’t bother asking…

time to figure these things out on your own…

and no, we haven’t stopped fooling around.

Hey Oneula,

That looks like an intensive effort…You got sandwiched XPS and EPS in there together?

I like that you did’nt write extensive explanations, its kinda like a silent movie, more room for my mind.

The last sculptural one…Is that going to be something FAST???


You need help Oneula, that’s just sick beyond belief…

I’ll come over and supply remedies…

My account number is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Looks like a 4 man outrigger canoe taking shape there

Yeah man you’re right…

But I wanted to see a rocket in it…



no need talk

just geev um

styro canoe who da thunk it!

I like be gang wit you guys


shivvers up my right ear while typing just now

you feel that?


good spirits to your job.

Hi Bernie -

You have no idea… those pics made my day. And here I thought you’d given it all up.

FWIW, here is a pic of a current project. Look familiar?

You can’t really see it in the photo but there is a board somewhere under that mess being used as a “rocker table”… wonder where I got that idea?

Nice Bernie, very nice!

Super stoked to see you’re still a carrier of the virus, and even more stoked to see you’re still willing to expose the rest of us to possible infection.

And no explanation needed. The photos did bring up a few questions, yes, but a little mystery can be fun sometimes.

After following the pic trail I have to say. I think that is 21st century soul!!!

Looks much more difficult then scratching on a CT Blank…

Mind bending, Thinking of the labor/skill involved has forced me to run to the cooler.

Right on…

I’m pretty sure your neighbors hate you. (ha)

Jeez, buddy. You’ve got a lot going on.

I’d say you’re only one noserider project away from needing an intervention. :wink:

Hope a south rolls in on a weekend pretty soon. Otherwise, we’re going to have to come over there and drag you out of the drifts of foam beads.

which beads are those?

Hotspike template cutter notwithstanding…it doesn’t look like he splurged for the ‘infinite volume’ attachments on either the Bacvac or the Festool/Rotex :stuck_out_tongue:

At some point, someone’s gonna have to start mowing that canoe. Who says it doesn’t snow in Ewa Beach?


Thanks for the pictures, they are seriously motivating. I’ve noticed some techniques you’re using are the very same that I’ve been tossing around in my feeble little mind lately. It’s time to dust off the vacuum pump and start experimenting again.

(I just have to finish this 9’4" for the kid next door…FIRST.)

BTW- I’ll be out your way in October and would definitely like to stop by for a visit with you and your brother.


I spoke of FAST…

The Outrigger reminded me of this…

so no further explanations to be provided so don’t bother asking…

I would like a DETAILED explination of each pic, please.


Thanks for sharing!!

These photos are evidience of a sharp mind and great lateral thinker!!!

Would love to see that hollow foamish woodish surfboard (HFS??!!) when it’s finished.

hey Speedneedle, please don’t show those things to my brother. We have about 10 projects going at once and that jet board is the kind of nutso stuff he might just try. We should have 4 woven bamboo skinned boards done before too long.

2 for charity auctions, 2 for us.

The one man canoe is taking shape at my house. I hope to finish shaping the darn thing soon. Unlike Bernie, I have a rasp, surform, saw, and a 2x4 with a sanding belt stapled to it. It tends to snow a lot under my house, but I’m turning that into potting soil. I think it’s fun to come out from under the house looking like a snowman.

Word of warning… those big black carpenter bees really love EPS foam. They’ve attacked my canoe twice.

Those pictures put a big smile on my face after a case of the rainy monday blues.

Love the high tech HD garage style,custom twangers & tools,and the Boo-blue ribs.

I used to buy supplies in bulk,but a bigger stash only feeds the addiction.

Now I don’t even buy enough to finish one board at a time.This slows down the nonmental


Sounds like your going to get into the HWFS drama.This must mean you have figured out the

foam sandwich and now have graduated to a bigger challenge.

Have fun with your new wood,


Cool jet turbo shark board SN!