Graphics/Logos help...

Dear Swaylocks community.

Officially with the help of a seasoned shaper, I completed my first board. Its all ready to glass, and I’m stoked for sure to get out and ride it.

But now, I really would like a sweet graphic to put on it.

But can’t come up with any awesome ideas, ahh, stuck.

Well if you have any suggestions, or ideas, throw them out.

I know its kinda difficult when you don’t know someone’s personality, but I’m looking for inspiration.

Thank you!


love your girl shapers

A while back, I was doing some carpentry at the county museum, and I spent some time in the Oriental Art building. I was taken by the relaxed natural flow of their scenic paintings. The look of tree leaves shimmering in the sun was so much like the sparkle of sunlight on the water. Seems perfect for surfboards. I found a website where an artist creates stencils for wall painting that could work cool on a surfboard. [img_assist|nid=1042531|title=willow leaves|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=76|height=100]

I also like charcoal drawings. Maybe something that feels like the surfing experience, but more toward the natural flow, and less from the flashy race-car… if that makes any sense.

My name is Raymond. I always thought it would be really cool to have a big fancy R as my logo…

Some other guy beat me to it!

Wowwww, thank you. I love flowers, and those kind of stencils/artwork are perfect. Earlier, I was trying to explain something similar to what you posted. .

I definitely agree on the less flashy racecar deal. I’m too laid back. :slight_smile: To Let me see what I can work with.

Aloha Whitney

Creating a good logo is one of the hardest things to acheive. The inspiration you are looking for was hard to come by in the old days and expensive it was, to purhcase the published catalogs of Trademarks and Logos to review for inspiration. The internet has made this task way easier.

Check out these sites to view thousands of examples that might put you on the right path to finding someing all your own.

Choose Catalog, then a letter, then logo preview catalog PDF and you will be able to view pages and pages of logos for free.

Choose design portfolio, then choose a category like corporate logos, then scroll through the samples with the scroll galleries window on the right . This site also has a lot of good info on design and execution of ideas. Each design or logo also has a helpful description to give you some insight into how and why it was done.

Have fun… and of course show us pictures!

Look around your local break… what do you see? What inspires you?

Logos can be words, or images, or both.

I like the retro style stuff… check out some 60’s concert and album art… the colors, the bubble letters… that kind of stuff looks cool to me.

If you one day plan on selling your boards, best to get it right the first time out. Most surf logos do not work in my opinion. The best are simple. Since girl shapers are really unique…I would do something that emphasizes that. Logos that work, stand out and are easy to identify.

Best of luck

For some reason blue comes to mind…large deep and enchanting blue…but an element of innocence and wonder to it. Just throwing that out there:-) May we see pics of the board?

Maybe think of something funny or out of the ordinary that happened while you were shaping or surfing. Let that inspire you.

My inspiration came when I was doing a strip and re-glass on an old egg. I had just laid down the fill coat of epoxy when my cat decided it would be cool to jump up and see what I was doing. I put him down and yelled “Bad Cat!” at him, and he just sat there with his ears back and stared at me. My wife started chuckling and said “there’s your logo”.


Bluuuuue, eh? I can relate.

Alright, here’s what being up half of the night && quite a few suggestions/inspirations brought me. I need to photoshop out all of the background stuff and make it more graphic-like, but I believe it would totally be rad. Has many girly qualities, as some have suggested. Hahah, and studying plants in Biology class has thrown in some inspiration. I’ll tell the story about the flower later…

It’s all about what you’re exposed to.

Sorry, I didn’t get a good Outline picture–but tomorrow I will. The ones I have are more like the “proud parent” pictures… with the board being the offspring, of course. HAH.

peace. whitney.

love your girl shapers

Lotus of love…

That’s my thought anyway. Red-violet-blue fade… like red flames out of blue water…

hey hey!!!

I too was thinking of a logo for my first one… but since it’s the first one i think i will have a symbol… but not a logo…

someone threw a cool link a while back

here you have lots of surf logos… maybe something will inspire you.

other one is some font for letters…

have fun :slight_smile:

Very Nice…looks like a fun ride:-)

Here’s theee board with all the glass applied, and resin coated. Still has some work to do, but again, super proud of it. Had alot of help with it. (Thanks again, Ken) Working with the glass and resin is a new thing to me… hahaa, I would shape for the rest of my life, but probably not glass . : ) Anyone else have that feeling?

What do you guys think? Can a little girl make it in the big world of surfboards? hahaha.



love your girl shapers

Very nice, congratulations!

Now get the fins on and post the ride report:-)

I did my first few without a name/logo, but a friend asked me to make him a board and now its time for me to get a logo - so this is helpful stuff, thanks for posting this.


Super cool! You going to add any pinlines? Don’t forget the fun stuff you can rattle can to add some art that I PM’d you about.

Will stay tuned for your ride report!


Hey Eth…

You ride the board yet? Give us an update.

I haven’t ridden my board yet because it’s not quite done. It only needs gloss yet, and to set for a couple of days.

Other than that, throw in some fins, and run out to the water!!!

Wish I could go out today because its my birthday!! Ahhh, I’m getting old!

<3 peace.


it looks wicked!