Great Video (Funny) From Surfing Life AU.

Check it out for a chuckle…

The best Hollywood surf flick ever!


classic. the other day it was a bit crowded at certain barrelling 4ft sets. a few old crew were making jokes about seeing a shark and about 10 min later i was hitting the left and saw a big fck off fin. paddled back over to the right going farrk did you guys see that . no one believed cuz of boy who cried wolf thing…it was so pumping and i didnt want to get get out


Too funny, especially when having seen the original Hitler story. Thanks for posting it.


good stuff – but for just a few seconds I thought they were using Monty Python footage - “Mr. Hilter, not much fun in Stalingrad, NO…”


Absolutely classic!

Extremely well done.

Made my day.

Ficken surfboardschmidtenm, sie sagen sechs wochen aber es ist sechs Monaten. Jeden Ich mochte gemuchlichtkeit mit mein freunde in fablhaft wellen aber ich kann nicht wenn Sie surfen jeden tag.

that was fucking hilarious.

AHA HA HAHA HA…that was scene by scene of my last trip to the South Pacific.