it concerns me a little that these guys are doing this at one of my favourite winter breaks. one of my friends has said he won’t surf Stockton anymore. at least this explains why we get to surf this place fairly uncrowded.

i’ve also attached my reason for ignoring the other occupants of this area.

actually, the day that picture was taken i got chased out of the water by a helicopter, i’m not sure why.

australian bight …[bite]

those rednecks need to wake up to themselves , or they will get bitten [metaphorically, but possibly [hopefully!] literally , too …then they won’t think it’s so funny !]



what do you expect from a guy nicknamed ‘mullet’

Are these the same guys?

“robbing the WestStar bank with a BB gun and made their escape on a chairlift”



I LOVE the chairlift bit !

thanks for that Ben , you made my day again !!


Yeah saw that, no real impressed let me tell ya! Might have to stick to Caves or Blackys from now on, probably wouldn’t make a difference tho!

hey wheels1, are you from Newcastle?

they are supposed to be on a current affair tuesday night. they were already in the paper on sunday.

apparently they have always hung out at Stocko between august and october but could be worse with people luring them in.

if the waves are good next winter i think i’ll give it a go anyway, i’ve never had any issues before…

Lucas, check pm mate!