Green Factory and Board Building Practices

I would like to start a thread where people can share their ideas and practices they use everyday to make board building factories cleaner, safer, and more enviromently friendly ect. 

I'm not talking about alternative materials, but things we can do now with traditional materials to make less of an impact.

Dust collection, glass recycling ect.

torit dust collectors work really good for sanding rooms. 

drop your glass scraps off at a ding shop or make fins.

uv resin, with catch trays, use less resin.




how about-- enclosed areas ( shaping bay-sandingbay) charged with negative ions to make airbourns fall to the floor...................            .            .             .vacuum pads on glassing stands, that tilt over to do laps ( good for the back).......         ,           .          .          .strain all acetone through a fine-weave cloth .

Lean manufacturing versus waste.


Wax paper for masking and spraying color on boards. You can reuse many times. Also for forming, touchups, and repairs.

Clean and use plastic tubs from your grocery for resin work, reuse until fatigued. Flex hard resin out then retire to recycle.

Reuse of tape when possible.

Resharpen shears with your own tool vs. throwing away cheapies

Recycle foam dust for blanks (see Green Foam thread).

Use pigment/tinted/catalyzed resin for interesting novelty products or Xmas gifts.

Extend life of abrasives with gum rubber blocks

Use cloth for filtering vs store bought when appropriate

Minimize acetone evaporation with airtight pots.

Make sure all resin is reacted and inert when disposing

Don’t build shortboards! :slight_smile:  Build boards that LAST!