Green Surf introduction

Hello swaylock’s members,

We are stoked to present our tehcnology - surfboard construction taken to a new level. We use high performance plastic compunds high pressure pressed on preshaped core ( still under IP registration so hold on with questions).

So far have assembled 5 boards, 4 of them tested in the water. please comment and spread the word.

our youtube channel got some videos showing the boards and technology features.


Thank you all,



Pukkas does this already . Polycarbonate heated then slammed under pressure onto the hand shaped blank deck then bottom.

thank you for your reply. that not the same technology. our process is fully automatic with near to zero human labor. 

i will upload a video to our youtube channel showing the skins impact resistance.


Robots making surfboards from plastic?

Wow, that is so green.

zero human labor? i bet a few hipster kooks might be into that. I think i speak for most people on this site when i say the more human labor the better! 

thank you for your cooment, it is clear.

however, and yes- automation of process is the future. sorry bro.


thank you for your cooment, it is clear.

however, and yes- automation of process is the future. sorry bro.


The warm reception you have received here ought to be enough for you to realize that sort of talk is basically the antithesis of what this site is all about.

 But the simple fact you posted here at all reveals the truth.  



Rule #4  Please keep things you want to sell, promote, advertise etc, in the classifieds or the Marketplace Forum.

unclegrumpy, clearly you havent took a look at our youtube channel.

you are welcome to watch and comment, please.

we are not here to insult, nor to sell. but to introduce.

Sorry, but I am calling Bullshit on your claims.  I watched your car run over video.  You crushed the board, and distroyed the rails, then claimed no dent?  Take a close look at 18 seconds

You hit a thinly glassed board on the bottom, then hit your heavily glassed board on the deck.

Five whole boards? and four of them in the water?  The fifth sunk?

Really, you must think little of us.

Hi Dan,


in case you are still watching this thread despite of the rude welcome you received, I have some questions.


The concept of a recyclable and tough surfboard is too important to just dismiss without some good reason. But you have not given any good reason to believe your claims.

To start, please explain in simple chemical and engineering terms why your boards can be recycled.

Is it recycling or down-cycling?

Thanks, Mik