Green Valley Mill Gone?

News from atop the hill is that GVM is shutting down. But everyone here does all their own glue ups so it’s only a bit of bad news for the board mfg’s right… I really don’t know who was using them (besides Walker’s plans before they shut down) but I believe they were also distributing a bit of foam too.

Yep got through on the phone today…all done all gone.

asked where I could

get some more wood…

and alas a lack

and leigh the nice lady

on the phone said she’d

call if’n somethin appeared

to provide some spruce…

well out there any leads?

or should we contact the PNW

for some clear spruce…?


or wissconsen for some bass???

or pal o’mine for some palowina.

sure was nice learnin’

ta buy wood from

green valley mill .