greenlight printable templates... questions for longboarders

hey guys i am starting to shape my 1st foam longboard, i have done a few HWS boards and 1 foam 6ft retro fish.

I know its kind of cheating but i am planning to use the printable 9'6 longboard template on the greenlight web site and was wondering if any other guys have tryed they templates and had good results?

also i am not sure the best way to get the rocker that i should have for this board . i have try to get aku shaper and put the template in that but i can not get to run on my computer so i can get a cross section of the boards rocker and so mesurements at 1ft in tail and nose etc

 The last few HWS i have done i have copIed of other boards and just made small changes.

I was wanting an all rounder board that i could get better at noseriding on ,  but that can still turn nicely i was thinking of 4 1/4 nose lif t and maybe 2 5/8 tail lift but i just guessing what you guy think

the board is 9'6 - 17 - 20 3/4 - 15 3/4 - 3 and i am about 200 pounds ( 92kgs) i was planning to use a single 9 1/2 inch turbo fin no side bites and the board will be poly glassed heavy-ish

link for the template page is

hey any help would be great



i used a greenlight template for my first board and i would say it served its purpose i had to tweak it a little to work with what i wanted but essentially it gave me the proper shape. i plan on using the same longboard template you are on my next board.

Wow 4 seams quite low rocker for a longboard.

i could go up on the nose and tail lift, i was just hoping to try make the board better on the nose ands had read a few threads on nose riders and saw they had pretty low nose rockers. i have 5 1/2 on my 9'2 redwood HWS and you have to be careful on steep take off with that so i guess that 4  1/4 would be quite a bit worse

what mesursements would  you guys do

cheers antony 

Beware.  I printed the Greenlight template for their 6'0" fish, without scaling, and it came out to only 5'8".  Not sure if it's a problem with me, but just be careful about it.



It sounds like the board may be too narrow and needs a little more tail rocker/kick I ride a 9'1"x21 1/2x 2 5/8 and I am 6'0" and 200 lbs, For a 9'6" board I would have the width at least 23"

Classic longboard rocker, derived from the balsa era, and carried into the foam era is 4 1/4 nose, and 4 1/4 tail.   for 9' 6'', go to 22 or 23 inches wide.    Trust me on this.