Greenough “Crystal Voyager”

A Surf Classic — George Greenough.
(Watch it full-length at this link.)


Another good surf vid.
Bryce Young - Following the fall line.
Bryce Young - Following the Fall Line - needessentials - YouTube

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Absolute classic!!! Thanks for sharing, much appreciated :+1::+1::+1:
Still looking for copy of surf into summer 87, jason buttenshaw schoolinh the pros at proper kirra

This one?

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You absolute gem :+1::+1::+1: how did you find that been looking for ages.

Cant beat the surfing & soundtrack

Thanks for sharing this!

I just got the email notification about this post and immediately copy/pasted the film link and sent it to a bunch of local groms along with Greenough’s wikipedia page link.

Need to have a backyard watch party with this one with a projector!

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Torren Martyn - ‘Calypte - a sailing and surfing voyage’ - needessentials - YouTube


Hey, thanks for the link but it seems like the site rarefilmm was storing the movies was taken down. Did anyone manage to download Crystal Voyager on time and might be willing to share via Wetransfer or similar?
really would like to watch it :frowning:

this one is just tooo good :drooling_face:

Just went to the link and clicked play 1 min. ago and “Crystal Voyager” was still playable (despite notice at top). Watch it quick while you still can!

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Yep sorry for the previous message, I was logged in to a limited wifi network and couldnt access the stream. Now back at home I can see it too, just need some popcorn and a cold one :metal:

Your post catalyzed me to make a gaming capture recording (son taught me) of the video — file size 5.2 GB.

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